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November 28, 2010

Willie and TV5 sued for copying Wowowee

Recent news:

ABS-CBN had filed a P127 million copyright infringement case in Makati City against Willie Revillame, TV5 and Wil Productions, the company owned by Willie that produces the show, for imitating the format of Wowowee, Willie's former noontime show that used to air in the network. ABS-CBN had also filed for Temporary Restraining Order to stop the show's broadcast.

Among the acts of plagiarism listed in the complaint are:
1 Willing Willie’s opening song and/or dance number led by its host;
2 Wowowee’s Biga-10 as against Willing Willie’s Big Time Ka;
3 Wowowee’s Willie of Fortune versus Willing Willie’s Willtime Bigtime, which contain portions where the contestants tell their personal stories and showcase their talents before they play a singing and/or trivia game;
4 Wowowee’s dancers/characters also appearing in Willing Willie, most notable of whom is April “Congratulations” Gustilo; and,
5 The set design, stage, studio viewers’ seats lay-out, lighting and camera angles of Willing Willie are also strikingly similar to Wowowee.



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