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December 13, 2010

Some photos of Gwen Zamora

Not everyone is as lucky as Gwen Zamora. Barely three months in the entertainment world, Gwen sees her busy schedule with television projects after her launch as one of the new Kapuso artists. Friday, she is in bubbles gangs, Sundays, Pilipinas Party and weeknights, Grazilda which plays the role of Cinderella.

Now, she is not only dressed in long robes for telefantasya but is also set to enter as the lovely Faye in Encantasia, and entry to the Metro Manila Filmfest Agimat ni Enting or opposite Vic Sotto.

"I am grateful for all the good things coming my way," says Gwen. "You see, I thought it would be easier after my first VTR, but I took a year before something happened and everything is worth the wait."

While waiting for her break, Gwen does not leave an idle moment. She attended several workshops under Gina Alajar, Freddy Santos, Tita Vangie and Migui. She also hit the gym to keep her slender figure. However, never let any opportunity pass Gwen for some rounds of VTR, until she got a sponsorship for Jollibee, Bingo Sandwich and Belo.

"I'm still working on my Tagalog, because I stayed in Australia i was six years old then coming here, and then left again and spent a year in Thailand when I was 14 years, lived in Chile for nine months and then returned to Australia and lived there for six months, "says the half French, half-Filipino, whose mother works for an airline, while his father is a pastry chef. "Now, I have decided to stay here (in the Philippines) after having lived in China and Thailand, where I worked as a drama teacher. Here is where I feel at home."

In addition, Gwen has no reason to leave the Philippines soon. Deep neck commitments do not permit. She enjoys her work that does not mind being labeled as Telefantasya Queen. "Compared to the theater, I find it fun, exciting and suits the whole family. Everybody loves fantasy except the male (audience) perhaps.”

So when the offer to do Faye came, she wanted to scream and jump, but she remained calm, “because in front of me is Boss Vic so I was just like ‘Oh, really! Thank you,’ but deep inside I’m screaming with joy.”


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