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March 06, 2011

Iza Calzado is the epitome of Flawless

Iza Calzado according to Ruby Tan, Flawless President and CEO, is the epitome of Flawless, the perfect endorser with a healthy and sexy body as the image model of Flawless’ Shape & Sculpt and Sweatox, the additional anti-perspiration treatment.

In this interview, Iza candidly reveals the secrets of this perfect state, the reason boyfriend Atticus King is madly in love with her.

Have you posed for a men’s magazine?
Yes I did in UNO magazine. But if given an opportunity to pose with other men’s magazines, why not?

Were you born sexy?
No, I was obsessed when I was fifteen; my mass is about 220 pounds or more.

What did you do to shell out those fats?
I think its time already to reveal what I’m going through in losing my weight. When I was 16, I think I did some not-so-smart things just to reduce weight. I did a crash diet which is unhealthy but still tumaba pa rin ako. Hanggang sa tina-try ko na ang Bangkok pills pero mga three weeks pa lang hindi ko na kinaya. I did lose weight pero after a while tumaba na naman ako.

How did you deal?
I did aerobics and followed the recommended program on diet by just eating five to six times a day in a small serving. At some point, I considered undergoing liposuction but it’s been a long time already since I did that surgery.

Are you still losing weight or just maintaining your weight?
I’m currently maintaining my weight. I believe I have already the perfect formula now in maintaining weight and that is my hard work, I exercise a lot. I run and I even tried new form of exercise. I research or read books about losing and maintaining weight.

Are you scheduled to have a vacation in Australia?
Hopefully this summer, were going to have a vacation there.

Are you with your boyfriend?
Yes with my non-showbiz boyfriend.

Where will you spend the whole holiday?
I can’t tell it muna. Maybe I’ll ask first permission to him if I can disclose our iterinary. He’s a very private person kasi.

Is there a possibility you will engaged with him when you come back?
Aalis ako kasi kasi hindi pa po ako nakapag-break ng ganitong katagal kaya I will be taking this opportunity. Hindi ako nag-e-expect na something will change when I get back here, hopefully wala naman.

Have you talked about marriage with your boyfriend?
Hindi pa dumating yun. Basta alam ko above 30 gustong magpapakasal.

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