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April 16, 2011

Christine Reyes answered prayers!

At the media launch of Tumbok, Christine Reyes full-length film with Carlo Aquino and Ryan Eigenmann as directed by Toffel Lee based on the story of Aloy Adlawan under Viva Films, the lead star was happy to announce an answered prayer. Christine announced her trouble with Sarah Geronimo is “100 percent” over and both of them had moved on.

It was Sarah who made the move for them to settle their difference as Christine revealed. Sarah went to her ASAP Rocks dressing room and asked to do talk. Cornered and touched by the gesture, Christine could not do anything except to agree. She adds, “Hindi ko kakayanin ang ginawa niya.”

Christine Reyes kept on repeating she does not want to talk about the problem despite repeated questions by the tab reporters on the issue. “Pangit yung pinag-usapan ang isang tao na wala siyang kamalay-malay, di ba tama ako?”

What did she learn from the sad experience? “Don’t be impulsive.”

Cristine is Grace while Carlo Aquino is Ronnie in Tumbok set to open on May 4. They are a newlywed couple who inherit a condominium unit from Ronnie’s deceased father. As they move into the unit, they are faced with the series of mishaps and misfortunes.

The unit is inhabited by strange tenants. Grace starts to experience haunting, sightings, to the extent of incubus. Later in their stay, they find out that they are expecting a baby and are thrilled with the answered prayer.

As Grace starts to persue the occurrences in the building, she discovers that the building was built on a Tumbok, a convergence of three roads which is believed to be unlucky. Tragic deaths happen caused by Mark (Ryan Eigenmann), the building care taker who turns out to be devil trapping souls into the vortex. He is also the incubus that makes love to Grace.

Can Grace and Ronnie save themselves from the impending danger brought about by the Tumbok? What mystery lies in the past that haunts our lead characters?

LJ Moreno as Lumen, Abby Bautista as Isay, Malou De Guzman as Elsie, Jao Mapa as Benjie, DJ Durano as Ward and Wendy Valdez as Lizet complete the cast.


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